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Celine Dion - Everything You Need to Know

Celine Marie Claudette Dion, the Canadian pop singer, song writer, actress and entrepreneur was born in a large poverty struck but happy family in Charlemagne on 30th March 1968 Quebec. She was the youngest of 14 children born to Adhemar and Therese Dion. She grew up singing in a small piano club called "Le Vieux Banl". Music was always a part of their family and she wanted to become a singer. When she was 12 years old she had written one of her first songs (It was only a dream). She recorded it with the help of her mother and brother and sent it to Rene Angelil. He called her for a meeting and when she performed in front of in front of him he cried and immediately signed her up. He mortgaged his own home to finance her debut album (The Voice of Good God). All these were French albums

When she was 18 Angelil saw to it that she had total amazing transformation, physical as well as polish her language. In 1990 her album "Unison" was released, the theme song of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was her true break through. This song not only topped the pop charts but also won an Academy and a Grammy award.

Her second English album was "1992 Celine Dion" which featured another top 10 hits.

She was wedded to Angelil in 1994 at Notre Dame Basilica. She recorded six albums between1992-96 and was one of the hardest working stars. Success and accolades came to her in the form of Grammy for her album "Falling into you".

Her song "My Heart will go on" the theme song for "The Titanic" became a craze as the Titanic became one of the biggest hits.

She received "The national order" of Quebic, her province's highest honor, in 1998. Later that year she appeared on a televised concert on VH-1.

She under took a 2 years holiday to have a son. She returned in 2002 with "A new day has come". In 2002 she announced a 36 months 600 show contract to appear for five nights a week in an entertainment extravaganza at Caesars palace, Las Vegas called "A + New day'.

She returned to creating French language albums in 2003. In 2004 she hit it big with the children's music album "Miracle: A celebration of new life". Dion was expected to deliver twins in November 2010.

She has actively supported many charity organizations world wide. She donated $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She also held a fund raiser for the 2004 Asian Tsunami and raised more than $1 billion. She also received France's highest honor/ award the "Legion d' honneur".