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Amazing Chanel Bag - Dream of Every Women

Chanel S.A, usually known as "Chanel", is a Parisian fashion house in a small area founded by the late Coco Chanel. Specializing in luxurious goods, hand bags, perfume, and cosmetics, Chanel's label has become one of the most known names in the luxury and haute couture industry. According to Forbes, the private house of Chanel, is joint owned by Alain Wertheimer, and Gerard Wertheimer.

Chanel's company name, has had many high profile celebrities, including Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, and Coco mademoiselle, additionally Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous people pictured splashing herself with a bottle of Chanel No 5. The image that was portrait certainly the most famous of all Chanel advertisements, and continued to be one of the biggest and most popular ads on TV.

In 1909, Gabrielle Chanel opened up her first shop on a ground floor in Balsan's apartment. That was the beginnings of what would later become one of the biggest fashion empires world-wide. The Balsan was home for a lot of rich investors and a meeting area for the hunting elite. That allowed Coco the opportunity to sell women hats, during this time Coco struck up a inviting relationship with Arthur Capel, a member of the Balsan mens group.

Arthur, saw that Coco was a business woman, and helped her acquire her next shop at 31 Rue Cambon, in Paris 1910. There was already a couture shop in that building, so Coco was not allowed in her lease to produce couture dresses. She detested the fashions of various women who eventually came to these resort towns. Chanel's amazing designs tended to be simple, rather then complicated. World War 1, affected fashion, coal was scarce and women were doing factory jobs that men had to do prior the war. Chanel designs were affected by the new idea of womens sports, during World War 1, Coco opened another larger shop on Rue Cambon in front of the hotel Ritz Paris, here she sold flannel blazers, linen skirts, sailor tops, jersey sweaters and jackets. Cocos fashion became known mainly throughout 1915 around France, for its simplicity.

Some people dream of owning a Chanel Classic flap bag, or Chanel Reissue 2.55 flap bag, some already own many of each, however to own one of these bags you need to be quite wealthy, that was the problem with many of Chanel Bags.

The prices of even the basic bags could exceed the $100,000 mark, which today only popular celebrities can afford. However if you can get the money to own one of these little beauties, you will look by far one of the richest people out of all your friends.

One of the most interesting bags, is the caviar leather bag. It has been told that the bag itself is indestructible, run your fingers along it and you'll see what happens, nothing. It doesn't scratch, get dirty, or mark. You're paying for real leather though, so be expected to put at least ten thousand dollars into the item.